Letting Go of Guilt and Shame

“Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.” – Psalm 51:10 When you ask God for a clean heart, He will show what is polluting it. One thing that had been polluting my heart was guilt and shame. It took a long time before I was able to talk about the guilt and shame that I had been carrying. Ironically the guilt and shame did not come from something I had done. My guilt and shame came from association. I have heard the clich├ęs about birds of a feather flock together and if you want to know a person’s character look at their friends. Nearly a year ago, guilt and shame entered my heart without me realizing it. About ten years or so, I met a woman and we just clicked. I didn’t know it at the time but we both walked in the prophetic. That was one of the reasons we were drawn to each other. We would speak when we saw each other at different church events. The end of 2010 God told me to get to know her better. I won’t bother you with all the details. By the beginning of 2011 she was pouring into me. I denied my prophetic call for most of my life. God allowed her to see it and encourage me in my call/gift. God used our friendship to catapult me to another level in Him. We were fast friends; we became best friends quickly. I never imagined my life without her. I was sure we would be each other’s maid of honor, the godmother to each other’s babies, and growing old as best friends. For about two and a half years we were inseparable. Fall of 2013 my world was turned upside down. One day I had a bff and the next day I found myself asking who was she. The woman who I told my secrets to, could be transparent with had a devastating secret that made me question my gift, my discernment, and my relationship with God. To make a long story short, she had been molesting children and I had no idea. Her secret was exposed and I was confused, shocked and hurt. She is now dealing with the consequences of the crimes she committed. But, I will say I love and miss my friend. Along with the confusion and hurt came guilt and shame. I began to wonder if the people who knew what she had done looked at me differently. I wondered if they thought I knew and said nothing. I went from that to since I am a prophet why couldn’t I see? Why didn’t I know? It’s been almost a year since God uncovered the secret, I have shared if with a few people close to me but when people ask about her I change the subject. I was afraid of being judged for her sin. The situation became too much for me to handle. I was spiritually drained and turned my back on her. I have to own that too. I stopped taking her calls; I have never written her or been to see her. I felt guilty about that too. Today I release the guilt and shame. I feel like a weight has been lifted. I no longer have a secret I’m afraid people will find out about. I’m not worried about judgment. I can let go of the shame of once having a best friend who has done something that many people find it hard to forgive. I thank God for loving me enough to clean me up and help me with my faults. I thank God for loving her. What are you dealing with guilt and shame? Maybe you have done something that makes you feel guilt and shame. It may not be as dramatic as murder, molestation, abortion or fornication, you may feel guilty for not being there for someone or for not doing something God told you to do. You may feel guilty for walking away from a marriage that wasn’t working and now your children don’t’ have both parents in the house. Whatever is causing the guilt and shame let it go! Perhaps you have been holding on to it so long that you have forgotten the source of your guilt and shame. Ask God to show it to you, and then ask Him to uproot it from your heart.

Are you an Eagle or a Chicken?

Eagles are amazing creatures. They have characteristics that are examples for Christian behavior. That is why God uses the eagle to prove a point to us in Isaiah. Eagles are able to see long distances as Christians are supposed to be watch as well as pray. An eagle can see clearly from 50 feet away. We should be so in tune with the Holy Spirit that we can discern an impending attack of the enemy. They have sharp vision. The bible says that without a vision, we perish. Eagles are fearless and do not surrender. In other words, they won’t back down from a fight. They aren’t intimated by the size or strength of the prey or opponent. Eagles are not intimidated by storms. They fly right into the eye of a storm and then above it. Don’t be moved by the issues that seem insurmountable. Here’s an interesting point, eagles never eat dead meat. It only eats meat of the prey it killed itself. Translation, if it’s dead…leave it alone. Also focus on the victories you’ve won with the help of the Lord and don’t worry about what is going on with others. Maintain your focus. Eagles don’t give up but they know when to rest or wait. This is the part I love! Eagles produce and secret oil that cleans and waterproofs their feathers. However, during the waiting period a sac of oil forms. When the waiting period is over, the eagle breaks the sac with its beak, anoints itself and goes back to doing what it does best. Now let’s take a look at chickens. First and foremost, calling a person a chicken has a negative connotation. Chickens are used as the symbol for betrayal or cowardice as noted in Bible. Jesus said that before the cock crows Peter would deny Him. Chickens are not capable of long distance flight. They can fly over fences and into trees but that’s about it. Chickens generally are on the ground. Chickens are easily captured and once captured are housed in coops. Chickens are generally reared for food and to produce eggs. They will eat pretty much whatever they find from scratching around on the ground like seeds, insects, etc. Chickens are also susceptible to diseases. When it comes to your walk with the Lord, are you and eagle or a chicken? “Why would you ever complain, O Jacob, or, whine, Israel, saying, "God has lost track of me. He doesn't care what happens to me"? Don't you know anything? Haven't you been listening? God doesn't come and go. God lasts. He's Creator of all you can see or imagine. He doesn't get tired out, doesn't pause to catch his breath. And he knows everything, inside and out. He energizes those who get tired, gives fresh strength to dropouts. For even young people tire and drop out, young folk in their prime stumble and fall. But those who wait upon God get fresh strength. They spread their wings and soar like eagles, they run and don't get tired, they walk and don't lag behind.” - Isaiah 40:29-3 (MSG)

God Never Starts Anything that He Won’t Finish

“And I am convinced and sure of this very thing, that He Who began a good work in you will continue until the day of Jesus Christ [right up to the time of His return], developing [that good work] and perfecting and bringing it to full completion in you.” - Philippians 1:6 Amplified Bible (AMP) God unlike man is not a liar. He also doesn’t give up on a project in the middle because He became bored or frustrated. God never starts anything that He doesn’t intend to finish. There are times when you feel like God has changed His mind about you but He hasn’t. He’s not that kind of God. If He promised it, He will perform it. God has made an investment in you and He plans to get a return on His investment. I have been in the middle of a test and honestly I began to question myself first. I wondered if I had heard God correctly. Then I questioned God, wondering if God had changed His mind. I poured my heart out to the Lord saying surely if this is for me; I shouldn’t be experiencing so much pain. I figured either I was wrong in the first place or He had changed His mind. God reminded me that (1) I heard Him correctly and (2) He does not lie and He changes not. He took me to Philippians 1:6 pointing out that He had begun the work and He will complete it. He also told me that He’s perfecting me for the work. Am I ever going to be perfect? Absolutely not! The only perfect person was Jesus. What He meant is that He is removing some things in my character. He hasn’t allowed certain things to happen yet because He’s protecting the valuable treasure that He’s placed in me. Needless to say, that sent me into praise and worship. What is the lesson? Sometimes things happen or don’t because God is developing and perfecting you for His purpose. In particular, disappointments and delays are not to hurt you but to develop you. God would not give you anything and not equip you for it (whether it’s tangible or a spiritual). Remember God never starts anything that He won’t finish.


2 Timothy 2:3-4 New King James Version (NKJV) 3 You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. 4 No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier. My faith is being tested right now. In the last few weeks it seems that if it isn't one thing, it's another. I'm sure at least one person reading this can relate. God made me a promise and I know that He doesn't lie. As I move closer to the fulfillment of my promise, the opposition seems to have intensified. I have come to the conclusion that giving up is not an option even on my worst day. With tears in my eyes sometimes I have to dig down deep and worship the Lord. In prayer last night, God took me to 2 Timothy 3:3-4. He reminded me to endure hardship just like Jesus did. Jesus came to be an example for us all of how to endure while being lied on, mistreated, and even facing death. He reminded me not to worry about my "stuff" but to please Him and He will take care of everything that conerns me.

I Hear the Sound of Rain!

Elijah said to Ahab, "Up on your feet! Eat and drink—celebrate! Rain is on the way; I hear it coming." 1 Kings 18:41 The Message (MSG) Be encouraged people of God. There is a sound of the abundance of rain. Many of God’s people have been dealing with a drought in one or more areas of their lives. A drought is an extended period of months or years of a shortage. There has been a drought in our finances, health, marriages and so much more. We are experiencing droughts in our churches. People aren’t coming to church like they used to. People are not giving tithes and offerings because they feel that they can’t afford to. Not realizing that it simply prolongs the drought in your finances and your lives. Tithes and offerings are more than just about finances. God said He would rebuke the devourer for your sake (Malachi 3:11). We are not experiencing the power of God like we could in terms of miracles, signs, and wonders because of the spiritual drought. People are not being healed and delivered as quickly because of the drought. Some are experiencing a drought in the fruit of the Spirit. Your joy, faith, peace or love just to name a few may be lacking (Galatians 5:22-23). God wants you to live an abundant life (John 10:10). Many people have become so accustom to the drought in their lives that they have lost hope of ever seeing the rain. But allow me to announce to you today that the rain is coming. There is about to be an overflow in every area that you have been experiencing a shortage. Declare right now, “My drought is over. The rain is on the way; I hear it coming!”